Friday, July 29, 2011

The Healing Power of Nurses

Nurses are not only on the front line when it comes to healthcare, they're also usually the provider patients see the most often during their stay at a hospital or even a clinic.

That highlights the necessity of providing health care. Ok, that's so obvious. However, the type of care is starting to matter. Treatment doesn't just involve the facts of the ailment, yet the holistic healthcare experience for the patient.

Nurses who offer healthcare that goes beyond merely pills and measurements are starting to notice noticeable improvements in patients.

The simply act of caring improves not only patient experience, but empirically noted to speed up recovery.

of course there's a differentiation between offering a 'hotel' service at hospital, and offering holistic healthcare.

Healthcare focus is changing in hospitals to encourage different methods of healthcare provision.

Patients can help this process by supporting their nurses who work a tireless and highly stressful job. That goes a long way to help make a stressed patient receive the care they require and usually deserve.